We are a diverse multidisciplinary network of teacher-scholars, students, artists, and grassroots social change agents dedicated to effectively working alongside communities, organizations, and institutions to build capacity, highlight grassroots efforts, and facilitate change through knowledge development, practice, participatory media, open access resources, and dialogue.

Social Justice:

    We acknowledge social justice as a participatory process based on fairness, equality, and equity. We are committed to creating safe digital, social, and educational spaces where everyone has a voice that cannot be drowned out by power and privilege.

Social Responsibility:

    We accept responsibility for doing our part to create a socially just world that works for everyone. This means acknowledging our own privilege and power and using it in ways that promote, embolden, and facilitate empowerment for people marginalized by economic and social systems.


    We celebrate the many forms of community in all of its colors, shapes, and forms. This includes, but is not limited to communities of identity, geography, interest, and culture. The community principle gets actualized through ongoing relationship nurturing, quality communication, and equalized, collaborative, co-creative knowledge building.

Lifelong Learning:

    We dedicate ourselves to ongoing intellectual, emotional, existential-spiritual growth and development. The vision we have demands that we continue to learn and grow.

Knowledge Building:

    We embrace many ways of knowing, and reinforce embodied, experiential, didactic, dialogic, and creative ways of experiencing, building, and disseminating knowledge. We recognize knowledge can be used as a tool of oppression, so we use our knowledge as an inclusive tool to build power, solidarity, and mobilization.

Participatory Democracy:

    We believe and enact direct democracy in our ideals and action within our organizational structure and practice methodologies. Think.Create.Change. is run by an Editorial Collective who actively seeks individuals, groups, and organizations to contribute work, art, poetry, articles, and other media.